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2019 Mercedes-Benz V 220D Audit

2019 Mercedes-Benz V 220D Audit

Mercedes-Benz India has dependably had its eye on the extravagance end of the minivan showcase, which is as yet a vacant and subtle speciality. It’s a fragment that Mercedes has had a turn twice previously, however with little achievement. In 1999, it propelled the SsangYong-fabricated MB100 and MB140 minivans, imported from Korea. In spite of the fact that the MB vans were quite extreme and sturdy they didn’t offer the extravagance and quality deserving of the three-pointed star and, thus, they unobtrusively kicked the bucket in 2001. In 2011, Mercedes propelled the R-class yet by and by this MPV neglected to pull in clients because of its flight plan (for a Merc). Additionally, the absence of a diesel motor at dispatch (inconceivable for an MPV purchaser at the time) guaranteed that it was essentially dead on landing.

Mercedes-Benz V 220D

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Almost 10 years on, the India development story proceeds however at a considerably quicker pace. Organizations are developing, individuals are progressing and the need to go in style and solace has never been more prominent. This situation is a perfect time for Mercedes-Benz to bring the V-class into showrooms yet will it be third-time fortunate? Can Mercedes make its most recent minivan stick in a portion that has escaped the organization every one of these years? These are questions Mercedes doesn’t exactly yet have the responses to and is thus trying things out by bringing in the V-class specifically from Spain (where it is made) in little numbers. What’s more, if the interest is great, the organization will consider locally gathering the V-class at its Chakan plant. Be that as it may, the issue with totally developed (CBU) imports is that they draw in reformatory obligations and that can thump costs into the stratosphere.

One preferred standpoint of sourcing the V-class from Spain is that the lower cost of creation there, contrasted with Germany, means a lower value, which thus diminishes the thump on the impact of the high traditions obligations on CBUs. All things considered, mulling over that advantage, the V-class isn’t shabby and costs Rs 68.40 lakh for the Expression trim and the Exclusive form tried here is considerably pricier at Rs 81.90 lakh. So would it be advisable for you to pay such a great amount for a minivan, regardless of whether it has a three-pointed star on its grille? We should perceive how far your money goes.

What’s going on here?

Mercedes-Benz V 220D

That this minivan has not really smaller than normal extents is promptly clear the minute you come quite close to it. This is an enormous vehicle in each measurement, which – alongside the cost – sets it a class separated. Truth be told, the section like extents, transcending stature and flattish body boards make the

V-class more van than MPV. Vans accompany business vehicle meanings, which (for clear reasons) Mercedes has endeavoured to veil with a shrewd arrangement of amalgam wheels, lustrous metallic paint and a nose that could have a place with any Merc. Most likely it’s the front end with the pleasantly itemized headlights, etched guards and vast grille that lift the V-class’ picture.

In general, it’s a brilliant looking van however it’s a van in any case, got from the business Viano’s front-wheel-drive stage. Notwithstanding, this stage – which is supported with strong mechanicals and a proficiently bundled suspension arrangement of MacPherson swaggers in advance and trailing arms at the back – has its very own arrangement of advantages, with space being the greatest one of them.

The V-class comes in two body sizes – the standard length, which is 5,140mm, gets a 2+2+2 seating design, while the additional long 5,370mm form gets a 2+2+3 format which expands seating ability to seven travellers.

The six-seater adaptation we are trying is more for individual and corporate utilize and is gone for CEOs and vast families. So is the V-class sufficiently flexible to switch among meeting room and family room?

Allows first start in advance. The driver is in a flash comforted gratitude to the grandiose seating position which offers awesome permeability and spot-on ergonomics. The dashboard is very extravagant with calfskin all round, and the general mood and design make you have an inclination that you’re in an ordinary Merc car and not a 5-meter-in addition to long MPV. Truth be told, the old-school dials are like the C-class’, and the infotainment screen is the little and rather obsolete 7.0-inch COMAND unit. Talking about old, the motor also is the past gen OM651 2.1-liter unit, which has been moved up to BS-VI spec. So while there’s no stinting on quality, the V-class doesn’t get the most recent highlights found on its most recent vehicle kin. You do, be that as it may, get highlights like warmed and cooled seats, two USB ports and a discretionary 15-speaker Burmester sound framework.

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In the event that the first column is business class, at that point, the second and third lines offer top of the line travel. The primary lodge can be effectively gotten to even in a tight parking space because of the electrically worked sliding entryways that open wide. From within, the entryways can be opened or shut with a bit of a catch by both the back travellers and the driver.

The level floor and enormous measure of headroom make it helpful for travellers to move around in the lodge and the seats themselves have liberal measures of movement. In the Exclusive form, the pair of centre column seats can be pivoted to confront the third line, which is a perfect design when leading gatherings moving. The front aligned seats in the third line have singular crease out plate that can slide forward, and with both open, they structure a table like in a smaller than expected gathering room. In any case, confronting travellers should watch their feet to abstain from kicking one another. Likewise, the movement of the rearward confronting seats is restricted as they are squeezed against the front seats. So with an extremely tall driver in advance, there’s a touch of shaking expected to locate the ideal position.

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As a family vehicle or extravagance human mover, the V-class is best utilized with every one of the three lines confronting the bearing of movement. Be that as it may, turning the centre column of seats by 180 degrees is a lumbering procedure. The seats are overwhelming to lift and dubious to open and fix back onto their rails – something most proprietors won’t have the tolerance or aptitude to do. The most effortless activity sends the vehicle to the merchant where a prepared professional can switch the seats around in a jiffy.

The seating position is right on the money with its high ‘H-point’ and extraordinary outside perceivability however the all-encompassing side windows could do with a sunblind, in any event as a choice. The thing is, none of the six seats offers uncommon solace; the general seat padding is level and hard and you don’t sink into them like you would in an E-class. You can’t lean back the seat effectively either as it fouls with the back package plate. There are bottle holders and enough cubbyholes to store stuff, however, you get only two 12V attachments to charge your gadgets. There’s no AC yield to charge your PC and no USB ports in the back either.

The split-opening back end swings upwards to uncover a low stacking lip and two-level baggage region, which gives you a chance to benefit as much as possible from the accessible space. Another helpful touch is the collapsible cases which when opened up are flawless to hold little things set up to keep them from flying around the substantial boot region. Furthermore, on the off chance that you expel the last two lines of seats, there’s sufficient space to transport a horse. Space is one thing there is no deficiency of in the V-class.

What’s it like to drive?

Mercedes-Benz V 220D

A 163hp motor pulling a 3,100kg vehicle may appear to be deficient on paper at the same time, shockingly, the 2.1-litre diesel is very capable even with every one of the six seats involved. Without a doubt, you’re not going to be stuck over into your seats when you stamp on the throttle pedal, however the V 220d is genuinely lively and can break the 100kph boundary from rest in less than a guaranteed 11sec. What’s increasingly great is the straightforward manner by which it assembles control and that is urgent for a vehicle that should be driven easily and flawlessly, particularly if there’s a warmed executive gathering occurring in the back. The exact opposite thing travellers need is a sudden blasted of speeding up which will send their documents and papers flying over the lodge.

Surpassing, particularly on the interstate isn’t as easy however and you do need to abrogate the smooth-moving 7-speed programmed gearbox with brisk pulls of the oars for more desperation. This isn’t a motor that likes to be revved either, and, dissimilar to the smoother OM654 2.0-litre seen on the most recent Mercs, it has an abrupt note past 4,000rpm.

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Saying this doesn’t imply that refinement is an issue. Actually, determined quietly, the V 220d is genuinely quieted with little wind and street clamour. The ride also is rich by MPV norms and separated from a smidgen of low-speed unevenness this Merc, in obvious Merc style, basically covers terrible streets. There’s a small piece of pitching and some here and there development when the street is downright awful yet, generally speaking, the V-class, which has versatile dampers, is truly all around formed and works to the perfection of not aggravating that continuous gathering.

Mercedes-Benz V 220D

The huge astonishment is the manner by which simple the V-class is to deal with and isn’t at all overwhelming to drive as its size would propose. Indeed, you do need to be aware of that transport like length, particularly when avoiding traffic, however, you’ll be astonished how rapidly you adjust to the vehicle’s tremendous measurements.

It’s surprisingly steady on the roadway as well, and the electro-mechanical controlling (obtained from the C-class) has a consoling heave to it and gives you a feeling of control in spite of the reasonable piece of body move through corners.

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