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Third Generation Mercedes Benz B Class- Summary, Exterior, Interior, Features Ect.

Third Generation Mercedes Benz B Class- Summary, Exterior, Interior, Features Ect.


The Mercedes-Benz is an automaker of Germany and it’s headquartered is in Germany as well. In 2012, Mercedes-Benz B-Class was introduced in India. It is a hatchback which is over-sized that contains both the engine choices of petrol and diesel. The petrol variant consist of a 1.6-litre engine with a displacement of 1595 cc and the diesel variant consists of a 1.6-litre engine with a displacement of 2143 cc.


Third Generation Mercedes Benz B Class- Summary, Exterior, Interior, Features Ect.
Source- CAR magazine

According to the customers, a Mercedes-Benz logo represents a sizeable and luxurious car, but the third generation Mercedes-Benz B Class is a close-packed hatchback of MPV that does not look like a usual Mercedes-Benz. The car has the hood which is merged with the windshield that makes it look like a Mercedes-Benz R-class. The sized grille which the Mercedes logo, consist and the bumper underneath it are fixed with LED lights which gives it a unique look. The side view of B-Class comes with a sporty look. The sports variant of the car consists of 18-inch rims that are more attracting as compared to the normal variant.


Third Generation Mercedes Benz B Class- Summary, Exterior, Interior, Features Ect.
Source- Carwow

The Third Generation Mercedes-Benz B class has a satisfactory sized boot space that can simply hold a pair of suitcases. The rear seats of the car are very comfy and have curves to provide the passengers with an additional support for the thigh. There is abundant legroom in front and rear altogether for the passengers and driver. The interiors of a B class propose the traits of a Mercedes E class. The black colour of interiors along smart dashboard design provides a sporty look. The awesome design of air conditioning vents is an idea pulled from Mercedes-Benz SLS. The sole strange thing about the interiors of this car is the command display screen inserted on the top of the dashboard that especially looks like a tablet stuck at the top of the dashboard. Aside from this screen, everything else regarding the interior of the car is good.

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Engine and Transmission

The Third Generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class offers the choices of both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engine of B-Class 180 Sport comes with a displacement of 1595 cc that generates the highest power of 90 kW with a high torque of 200 Nm. The B200 CDI Sports engine that performs on diesel which has a displacement of 2143 cc and generates the highest power of 100 kW and high torque of 300 Nm. Both the variants offer a 7G Dual Clutch Transmission system that has two systems of sub-transmission. The feature of manual gearshift consists of steering wheel shift pedals giving a simple and smooth option of gear shift to the driver. But for the traditional drivers who prefer using only one hand on the transmission panel, there might face a trouble in the beginning to understand the gears.

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Performance and Handling

The Third Generation Mercedes Benz B Class performs as good as the other Mercedes cars. The high speed of Petrol engine is 200 km/h and for diesel engine, it is 210 km/h that is bearable for a small close-packed car. The mileage of the Petrol engine is 7.9 kmpl in the city and 11.9 kmpl on highway. The diesel engine offers a mileage of 11.5 kmpl in the city and 15 kmpl on highway. As you can see that the mileage is not as good as it should be but taking into consideration the rest luxurious interiors a customer gets, it is pretty acceptable.

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Braking System

The Third Generation Mercedes Benz B class braking system seeks at stopping the car quickly and safely to give the comfort of driving. The anti-lock braking system is included in the car with the rest of the features like Brake Assist (BAS). The rear wheels of the B-Class consist of disc brakes while the front wheels have interiorly ventilated disc brakes.


The Third Generation Mercedes Benz B class consists of the 2143 cc diesel engine which is a powered variant that offers a fuel economy of 21 kmpl on highways and 19 kmpl in the city, while the Petrol variant provides a mileage of 15 kmpl and freeways and 13 kmpl on the urban roads, respectively.

Safety Features

The Third Generation Mercedes Benz B Class consists of an essential safety system that is designed to keep away the customers from accidents and offer absolute protection on the road for the driver and passenger. It has an exhausted detection system that notices the movement of the driver on the steering wheel and checks its details to detect signs of lack of concentration on the road, mainly in the night time. In a situation of a high hit impact, the security system activates special airbags in two different stages. The fore airbags for the driver and passenger are the first activation is conveyed by the knee airbags for the front driver & passenger and the side airbags for front & rear passengers to keep away the hit of the knee joint with the dashboard.

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Aside from its mileage, the rest of the features are extraordinary which make this car worthy of buying. Though it is a small and a close-packed car as compared to rest of the Mercedes-Benz car models, still it has been successful in marking its place in the automobile market. So if you are searching for a mini SUV hatchback car for the family with a large trunk space to take your luggage on long tour holidays, then this car model is the right choice for you.


The Third Generation Mercedes Benz B Class has many rivals in the small-car segment. First is the BMW i3, which has an astonishing design, offers good competition to B-Class. Second is the Nissan Leaf which is another car model that endangers the market of the third generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Although, the interior of the Nissan Leaf does not have the standard that the interior of Mercedes Benz has. Cars such as Ford C-max and Chevrolet Volt energy also stand equal with the Mercedes-Benz with a little lesser price.

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  1. Diesel engine along with good mileage
  2. Adaptable and Flexible Seating


  1. Very high price
  2. Shortage of Good looks

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