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Here are our best 10 wheelie bikes on an utmost $2,500 budget.

10. Suzuki DRZ400

Suzuki DRZ400
Source: Motorcyclenews

Tiny, fair, gentle, the DRZ isn’t going to be absolutely the idea for highway-speed wheelies.

9. Aprilia Falco

Aprilia Falco
Source: MCN

The Aprilia Tuono is regularly referred to as one of the world’s enormous wheelie motorbike, and with that torquey V-twin and extensive slab, it’s gained its spot.

8. Honda VTR1000

Honda VTR1000
SourcE: Vsordown

160mph, 1000c V-twins with a bulletproof reputation. Will they wheelie? Of course, they will. And at current market values, they’re virtually disposable…

7. Suzuki TL1000S

Suzuki TL1000S
Source: Motocyclenews

You can’t say the VTR1000 without also talking about the TL1000S – Mr. Hyde to the Honda’s Dr. Jekyll. The ‘widowmaker’ status of the TL1000S was mostly carried out of quantity, but you may need a modest steering silencer before entirely investigating that grand V-twin’s ability to boost the fore at every opportunity.

6. Suzuki Bandit 1200

Suzuki Bandit 1200

Remember when bike stunts weren’t an old trend? Long before the Starboyz (remember them?) and likely ‘stunt teams’ with stripped-back 600s, wheelies justify and burnouts were the province of the likes of Gary Rothwell and his West Coast Motorcycles-sponsored Bandit 1200.

5. Ducati Monster S2R

Ducati Monster S2R
Source: MCN

Monster S2R won over the other models in the Monster range, even more, powerful versions like the S4R, thanks to their predictable power delivery and just the right sort of torque band for wheelies.

4. KTM Duke II

Source: Motoplanete

You can’t speak about wheelie bikes without saying supermotos, and when it comes to a road-going motored the KTM Duke is unviable to ignore.

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3. A motocrosser

A motocrosser
Source: Gatedrop

Two-stroke, four-stroke, regardless of mass, most are dainty and robust enough to make wheelies a formality. In fact, if that’s all you want to do, you could even get an old trials bike to practice on. Prices start at next-to-nothing and go up to beyond-your-means, so there’s something for everyone.

2. Suzuki SV650

Suzuki SV650
Source: TestMotor

The fact is that for more than years there’s been little to match the Suzuki when it comes to getting a ‘proper’ bike for the lowest money, and with formerly used instances easily dipping out into three-figure prices, it’s easy to see why they’re able to be all things to all people.

1. Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple
Source: Motocyclenews

Imagine that you’re purchasing a wheelie bike with ideas beyond simply sitting on the back wheel, the Speed Triple is a vital inclusion on the list. For most purposes, the rule here would be to buy the topmost and the latest one in your finances, but all have the category of wide-barred, streetfighter elegance and torquey engines needed to accomplish your wheelie intentions.

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